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Introducing: Breakfast

Join us Saturday, April 14th, for the friends and family launch of breakfast at RVCC Intersect.  Open to the public. 9am - 1pm.

Morning Yogurt
Housemade Yogurt, Vanilla, Melon, Hemp Seed, Chai, Buckwheat

Morning Oats
Oatmilk Breakfast Panna Cotta, Maple, Walnut, Dehydrated Banana; Vegan

Morning Berries
Blue Corn Tamal, Blue Berries, Whipped Crème Fraiche

Morning Eggs
French Scramble, Yams, Chive, House Made Butter

Morning Breakfast
Mushroom Chile Verde, Coconut Cream Risotto, Black Bean

Morning Burrito
Avocado and Braised Jack Fruit barbacoa, Chile Toreado, Lime